Präsentationen in der Arbeitsgruppe Aviation, IT, Smart Cities am 25. Februar um 15 Uhr

Folgende lettische Unternehmen werden sich in der Workshopsession Aviation, IT Smart Cities am 25. Februar ab 15 Uhr in der Handelskammer Hamburg vorstellen:

Baltic3D – Baltic3D provides on demand additive manufacturing services and infrastructure. We operate with industry leading FDM technology from Stratasys using ULTEM materials with aerospace certification. Production of your parts can be started as soon as 12h from submitting the purchase order. We ensure reliable part quality through centralized engineering of the manufacturing files. This is performed by best in class FDM engineers who are specialized in working with aerospace materials. Quality control measures are employed as necessary ensuring reliable, repeatable and certifiable manufacturing process.

Aerones – Our main focus is on wind turbine maintenance deicing, cleaning, super hydrophobic coating apply, facade cleaning for high rise buildings, and firefighting. Our technology and know-how is fully developed by us. We have 4 patents. The possible usage for our technology has big opportunities.

CENOS is cost-efficient desktop simulation software, which helps heat treatment equipment manufacturers and applicants to save up to 80% of their design time and costs by replacing physical prototyping with computer simulation.

MTRX International- 1)MobillyCity is a solution of interfaces that understands and integrates various systems, data sources and functions of the city. It integrates and translates the city services to easy understandable, convenient cross-platform that supports mobile applications, web pages and client centers. MobillyCity allows the city to hear, feel and help its inhabitants. It’s crucial to make the citizens feel involved, provide an access to relevant information in a convenient way and to get help whenever it’s necessary. Also saves resources for the city and the time for the citizens. 2) Mobilly TX is an advanced solution that helps state and municipal institutions to provide indirect social benefits to citizens. The transparent and automated system is completely protected from any kind of fraud or loss of funds, quickly prevents data leakage and ensures the anonymity of the recipient.

LMT is a mobile telecommunications operator and market leader in Latvia, and according to Nokia, currently amongst the most e­icient mobile data networks and latency champions in the world. As a market leader, we bring our expertise to successful collaborations with government and academic institutions, as well as startup ecosystem partners. We believe that the future will be mobile only, and as a 5G digital service provider, we build pioneering solutions based on cutting-edge wireless technology

Eventech is a Latvian success story being a technology leader and covering >50% of World market in Satellite Laser Ranging application with its extremely high accuracy event timing equipment and time-tagging technology, that provides unique measurement accuracy up to 2-3 picoseconds, and is equivalent to less the 1 mm in spatial resolution. Company was established in 2011 and holds 40+ years of technology development heritage. In 2019 Eventech finalised space technology development contract with ESA, technology is primarily applicable for space LiDAR, drones and altimetry tasks.

CatchSmart has developed WEB system tools for manufacturers and suppliers: Quality Control system for manufacturers – designed to improve production efficiency, employee productivity, product quality and upkeep for machinery. Quality Control system is adaptable and integrates with existing manufactory systems like ERP, WMS and Invoicing systems. DRUS – spare part and repair work accounting system for vehicle owners and service providers. DRUS manages and collects data about vehicle maintenance costs, spare part costs and provides analytical data about downtimes and price changes. System is able to determinate warranty cases. Data about vehicle service history is collected and available on request.